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UBER: What You Need to Know About the Car Service App

Uber is an idea whose time has come; after all we can do almost anything with our smartphone, why not hail a car, and possibly save some money while doing so.

Uber is a San Francisco-based startup company, which launched in 2010, and took the nation and world by storm.

FACT: Uber is currently in 127 cities spanning 37 countries

It works this way, should you need a car, you simply access the app on your Smart Phone, then with a bit of cyber magic, a friendly Uber driver should magically appear within minutes. It's no wonder the Uber app has become so successful, the process is much easier than trying to find a taxi during rush hour or on a rainy day.

Uber relies on what is called surge pricing, which simply means that fares increase during times of high demand, conversely decreasing during off-peak times. While the concept is unique, Uber has received a certain amount of criticism from traditional taxi services.

How Exactly Does Uber Work?

Uber is based on a Smart Phone, GPS and state-of-the-art app; when a customer requests a car Uber system determines which is the closest available driver, then dispatches him or her to your location. An easy wat to get started with using the Uber app would be to get a hold of a Uber promo code so you can save yourself some money on your first ride. The fare is non-negotiable and is charged directly to your credit card or PayPal account. There are five different levels of Uber service.

  • UberX
  • Uber Taxi
  • Uber Black
  • Uber SUV

Each comes with its own unique specifications and pricing, with the most inexpensive being UberX which is also the most popular.

Who Are The Drivers?

Uber drivers are fully insured, however most will not have a commercial driver's license, nor are they necessarily licensed chauffeurs. The cars are fully owned by the person driving, however you can rest assured Uber has done a thorough screening and review of each driver and their accompanying motor vehicle. This scrutiny continues as long as a driver is signed up for the Uber service.

Is Using Uber Safe?

While any successful company has its detractors, Uber states there are no insurance gaps on any trip in their system. Whether or not the vehicle owner is adequately insured, Uber has its own $1 million policy, providing sufficient coverage in case a driver's personal insurance fails to measure up.

Where Does Uber Operate?

Uber is worldwide in cities ranging from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, and the effect is at once both staggering and unifying. The staggering because it grew so fast so quick, unifying because if you know how to use Uber in middle America, it's much the same in Taiwan.

When Is the Service Available?

Uber is not an employer per se, much more a cyber platform, with each driver being able to set their own hours. Essentially it is an issue of demand, since many major cities like New York, will have drivers available 24/7. In smaller communities, if you're looking for a late night Uber ride, you may be out of luck. This doesn't mean however, you shouldn't give the app a try, since built into the app is an estimation of arrival time. This factor alone, has caused the Uber app to garner worldwide accolades, being much simpler than hailing a cab or calling a taxi dispatcher.

Uber Proves Themselves as One of the Good Guys

One mark of credibility for any company, is how they handles emergency situations, Uber does it with style capping fares during emergencies and disaster situations. Stated simply, they do not participate in price gouging, instead providing quality service at fair prices when and if they are needed. The fact they are a profitable company, speaks not simply to their business ethics, but also to the fact they provide a quality and needed service.

Signing Up For Uber Service

If you're wondering how to use Uber, signing up is easy and simple, just visit the Uber website, click the sign-up link, create an account, enter your details including mobile number and credit card, then click the sign-up button. Your account will be immediately the, however you will need to confirm the email sent to your account.; Once confirmed, you're ready to start using Uber.

The Process of Finding a Driver

Once an account has been created, you'll need to download the app, available for most Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry). Once installed, sign in (necessary on the first run only), choose your vehicle type (varies city to city), but in most instances you can choose from.

  • Black Car - the original Uber service (seating up to four people)
  • Taxi - this will bring an actual licensed taxi to your location (the taxi must have a pre-existing contract with Uber)
  • SUV - this is a more expensive option, but can carry up to six people
  • LUX - the process is the same, but this time a higher end luxury vehicle will be at your disposal. This is a more expensive option, so choose carefully

Once a vehicle type is chosen, you'll next set your location, confirm your choice, then the asked if you wish to pay with your credit card on file. Once these steps are complete, sit back relax and wait for your ride